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Blogger Harry Barnes said...

You describe yoursef as a Christian Socialist and a depressed Sunderland fan. In contrast I am a non-militant atheist and a philosophical Sunderland fan. I am also a democratic socialist.

I went to Sunderland's last home game against Barnsley as it was the 60th Anniversary of my father first taking me to see them play.
The second goal was scored by Chris Brown. As well as seeing his father play for Sunderland, I saw Alan Brown score a hat trick for his school team on Easington Colliery's ground against Dronfield School. Dronfield being where I have lived for the past 37 years.

Furthermore, Chris Brown's Grandfather was in my class at school and my childhood home had a garden which backed onto that of the Browns. So I knew Chris Brown's Great Grandparents as well.

My own Great Grandfather was killed in an accident at Wearmouth Pit, which the Stadium of Light is built upon.

You might like to dip in a couple of items on my blog (1) "A Gentle Atheism" (5 November) and (2) "Football Crazy, Football Mad" which starts out with details of Sunderland Reserves vs Easington Colliery Welfare at Roker Park around 1948 and also mentions the great Len Shackleton (6 August).

With the present Sunderland, things can only get better. What really depresses me is will this happen to the Labour Party.

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