Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Rhode Island Primary

Rep. Jim Langevin has won the Democratic nod in RI-2 with about 61% of the vote, easily beating some liberal hack with the amusing surname "Lawless".
The only reason why Langevin (a Catholic) was challenged in the primary at all was because of his position on abortion... as far as almost all other issues go he's staunchly leftwing; he has an excellent record on Union issues, is pro-environment, voted against the war in Iraq, is a strong supporter of gun control, is in favour of some form of universal healthcare system and voted against Marilyn Musgrave's Same Sex Marriage Resolution. His life story (he was paralyzed in a firearms accident at the age of 16) should probably be mentioned as well.
Obviously I'm pleased that he won, and won so strongly.

In other news, liberal Republican Senator Lincoln Chafee beat off a conservative challenger by more than expected. But you know that already.


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